Archon PVE Chernarus Blog

#-1 The Kindness Of Strangers

Washed ashore on the unforgiving beach of Berezino, my memory a hazy blur, all I recall is the desperate escape from the relentless zombie invasion in Livonia. As I stumble towards the safety of some nearby houses, a bloodthirsty zombie hot on my heels, luck seems to favor me as I come across a road flare. With trembling hands, I light it, and in the glow, I spot a fellow survivor.

Though I fail to catch his name amid the chaos, he extends a lifeline in the form of an M417 rifle, a weapon said to dispatch zombies with a single shot. Grateful for this unexpected act of kindness, I prepare myself for the daunting journey that lies ahead in the harsh post-apocalyptic lands of Chernarus.

#-2 Rossi & Mr Beard

I wandered around Chernarus with the M417. I heard about a Black Market trader and decided to travel there. Unfortunately, during my journey, I suffered serious injuries and was close to death. In my delirium, I found myself once again on the coasts of Chernarus. It was then that I heard the distant sound of a helicopter, and its lights scanned the ground, presumably searching for survivors. The lights eventually found me stumbling along the coast road.

The helicopter pilot, named "Rossi," saw my poor state and kindly offered help. I told him about my plight, and he graciously flew me to the Black Market trader, ensuring I didn't lose my belongings. During the flight, he also gave me valuable advice on how to survive in this cruel world that I found myself in. Rossi mentioned the Kumyrna Trader as a place he needed to visit and dropped me off there.

At Kumyrna Trader, I encountered another survivor named "Mr. Beard." Thankfully, he agreed to assist me and offered to take me to Knackers Yard.

#-3 Golden Brown

At Knackers Yard, I discovered that vehicles could be bought with the post-apocalyptic currency of Chernarus. Among them, the most affordable option was a trusty BMW three-wheeled motorbike. Yet, lacking any money, I left Knackers Yard with my M417 slung on my back and ventured toward Green Mountain, where rumors spoke of a trader's presence.

Upon reaching Green Mountain, what I encountered was a sight of devastation – bodies strewn everywhere. Among the wreckage, I spotted a medium-sized tent and decided to claim it as my own. A nearby sign directed me to continue my journey towards Krona Castle.

Survivor whispers had spoken of the lucrative trade in deer pelts, fetching an impressive 10k at the Hunter Trader. Determined to seize this opportunity, I set out on a daring hunt. Guided by a crude map drawn by a fellow survivor, I embarked on a northern journey, both to hunt more deer and to locate the Hunter Trader. The stakes were high, and my veins pulsed with adrenaline as I skillfully brought down two majestic deer. Their pelts promised potential fortune in the desolate world I traversed.

During my travels through the desolate remnants of a forgotten civilization, fate led me to a town near the Hunter Trader. There, amidst the ruins, I stumbled upon a hidden treasure—a chocolate Easter egg. Though just a relic of the past, it held profound meaning in these dark times—a symbol of joy, hope, and life persisting amidst desolation.

With my bountiful harvest in tow, I trekked resolutely toward the Hunter Trader, where the siren call of success beckoned. As I bartered the precious deer meat, the air became electric with the promise of prosperity, but something else was afoot.

Suddenly, a haunting melody echoed through the desolation. A fellow survivor, a troubadour of the wasteland, strummed a guitar with melancholic grace, serenading the somber souls scattered in the ruins. The song, "Golden Brown," seemed to weave a spell, transporting us to a realm beyond the chaos of this ravaged realm. Yet, the tale didn't end there. The bard altered the tuning, shifting the E string to a haunting D note, and conjured an instrumental masterpiece that would resonate with the souls of Chernarus. It was a melody born of heartache, despair, and unyielding hope—a symphony that could only be crafted amidst the harshness of this forsaken world.

Touched by the experience, I decided to share the precious find of the chocolate Easter egg with the guitar-strumming survivor. A moment of camaraderie amidst solitude warmed my heart, and his eyes gleamed with gratitude as we connected as kindred spirits enduring the harsh realities of this unforgiving world.

#-4 Contamination Zone

Having done well for myself so far, I set up the medium-sized tent 1.2 kilometers from Krona Castle and 1.2 kilometers from the Hunter Trader.

Heading to Krona Castle, I purchased more ammo and heard tales of a military base ripe for the looting. Survivors spoke of the strange green mist that covered the base. Upon my arrival in the town of Myshkino, I learned that the military base was nearby. I could see the green mist and thought nothing of it; I believed I could hold some cloth to my mouth, run in, and run out, and everything would be fine. However, as I walked into the green mist, I started to feel very sick. Panic set in, and I quickly ran away from the base. I managed to escape the green mist, but then I fell to my knees. Was I dying? It certainly felt like it. I stumbled and eventually blacked out.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself with nothing once again. In the distance, I heard gunshots. Another survivor, perhaps? I mustered the strength to follow the sounds and came across a fellow survivor with a car. He asked if he could help me, and he introduced himself as Slavic Relish. I explained my encounter with the mist, my confusion, and how I ended up in that dire situation. Slavic Relish kindly informed me that I had attempted to loot the Contamination Zone, a dangerous place without proper hazmat suits and precautions. He advised me to stay away from such areas.

I mentioned that I had a tent situated between Krona and the Hunter Trader. Surprisingly, he asked, "You made it out of the contaminated zone with your gear?" I replied sadly that I hadnt. He informed me that I likely dropped my backpack in the confusion caused by the sickness, and he had heard similar tales of woe before. "I'm heading that way," he said, "and I'd be happy to take you along." Grateful for the offer, I accepted.

We embarked on a journey all the way from Berezino, following the railroad tracks for a straightforward path. As we arrived at Myshkino, the green mist was dissipating. We followed my previous footsteps and miraculously found my backpack intact. My trusty M417 was still there! I had never felt such immense relief. Slavic Relish bid me farewell and continued on his way, leaving me with a renewed sense of hope and gratitude for the unexpected act of kindness that saved me from a perilous fate.

#-5 I Bought A Bike

Having successfully hunted down and slain 10 deer, I finally saved up enough money to purchase a bike—a trusty BMW three-wheeled bike. Its performance on the rough terrain of Chernarus was commendable, but my excitement got the better of me one day. Unaware of a sudden drop in front of me, I almost met my end as I rolled the bike. By some miracle, I survived the harrowing ordeal.

Eager to explore further, I rode the bike to a military base named VMC. Armed with an RPK that I found, I efficiently cleared out the base of zombies. It was like shooting fish in a barrel as the undead attempted to scramble out of a storage container to get to me.

Having left the base, I continued my journey on the bike, exploring the desolate landscape. It was during this ride that I encountered a survivor who noticed a sledgehammer I had in my possession and told me of a friend of his that needed a sledgehammer. Remembering the kindness when i first washed up on the shores of Chernarus I agreed to take the co-ordinates of his friend and set off to find his friend whos name was Nitentic. 

Pulling up on my bike. Nitentic was just fixing his car. Nitentic, grateful for the help I offered, asked if there was anything he could give me in return for the sledgehammer. With a warm smile, I assured him that it was a gift, happy to be of assistance in this unforgiving world. Our encounter served as a testament to the power of connections formed between survivors in these harsh times, where even the smallest acts of kindness could make a world of difference.

#-6 Back To The 1980's

I made my way to Kumyrna Trader in search of tools to build a base, as my tent had become cluttered with the items I had gathered while looting across the lands.

To my dismay, I discovered that the tools I needed were scarce in the desolate realm of Chernarus and could not be purchased from any traders. They could only be traded among the resourceful survivors. As I pondered my situation, a shady individual approached me, offering a sledgehammer for an exorbitant price of 10 thousand. I was taken aback by the audacity of the offer, for I already possessed a sledgehammer. Politely, I informed the trader that I had given a sledgehammer to a fellow survivor just a few days earlier.

It was during this exchange that a survivor named Red Eagle overheard my declaration of kindness. In an act of true generosity, he offered to fly me to his base, where I could find the tools I sought. Profusely expressing my gratitude, I accepted his offer, and we soared through the skies to his hidden sanctuary.

To my surprise, Red Eagle had an old analog cassette player in the helicopter. As we took flight, the nostalgic strains of "The A-Team," a beloved television theme tune from the 1980s, filled the air. For a brief moment, I was transported back to simpler times, sitting in front of the television with my two sisters, engrossed in our favorite TV show.

After a memorable visit to his base, Red Eagle kindly agreed to fly me back to Kumyrna. As we boarded the helicopter once more, he smiled and said, "If you knew the last tune, you should know this one too." And with that, the familiar notes of "Airwolf," another iconic TV theme from the 1980s, played in the helicopter's cabin.

Upon landing at Kumyrna Trader, I bid Red Eagle farewell as he took off in the helicopter, leaving me with a wry smile on my face. The sound of "The A-Team" theme gradually faded away in the distance, leaving me with a heart filled with gratitude for the unexpected camaraderie in this unforgiving world.

#-7 Broken Soldiers Chapter 1

There is nothing quite like breaking bread with a fellow survivor. I experienced this while visiting the trader. As the smell of cooking pork filled the air in the trading area, a fellow survivor named Broken Soldier engaged me in polite conversation. I offered him food to help himself if he was hungry, and he politely accepted the meal. We started talking, and he mentioned that he was selling items outside the trader gates from his van, inviting me to take a look.

His van was filled with high-value items, which intrigued me, considering I had only just begun my journey in Chernarus. He asked if there was anything else I needed, and I shared the items I required. To my surprise, he offered to provide me with those items, but it would require us to fly to his base. I thanked him and accepted the offer. Just then, another fellow survivor came over the radio, expressing a need for some items...

#-8 Broken Soldiers Chapter 2 "rust"

Upon my return to the traders, there was an accidental discharge of a rifle. The bullet pinged off the helipad by our feet. Nobody owned up to the shot, but hey, no one was injured, so that was good. Over the radio, the enigmatic "Sherman" was asking about the location of the broken soldier as he wanted to see what wares he had for sale. As I made my way down from the helipad, I could hear Sherman calling for Broken Soldier. Sherman came to me, thinking I was Broken Soldier. I assured him I was not, and just then, Broken Soldier pulled up in his van after uncovering it from its hiding place. Myself and Sherman were in awe of this beautiful machine - such magnificent beauty. The van's sleek curves and rugged exterior blended seamlessly, exuding an aura of power and elegance. Its design seemed like a work of art, a testament to both engineering and artistic craftsmanship. A beast of a car, a masterpiece of grace and design, standing there amidst the post-apocalyptic landscape like a symbol of hope and resilience. The paint on the van was rusted and represented, in our hearts, the devastated world we find ourselves in. Sherman got in the back and was transfixed with the smell of the old world. Broken Soldier locked the door and made jokes about selling Sherman, and I offered a golf club for old Sherman. Broken Soldier even let me take it for a ride; I lost control of the van and hit a couple of trees, but it was very well constructed - a true beast of a van! I told Sherman and Broken Soldier that I need this van in my life. Maybe, one day, I will convince Broken Soldier to sell me this van.

#-9 Broken Soldiers Chapter 3 "Road Trip"

Broken Soldier, brimming with enthusiasm, was eager to showcase the unparalleled elegance of his Rusty Van, a vehicular marvel that adhered to the roads with unwavering tenacity, as if the very fabric of the universe conspired to birth these roads solely for the purpose of accommodating its majestic traverse. Our hearts raced as we embarked on a wild escapade, soaring through the air and leaping over a minuscule bridge, an audacious feat that accentuated the sheer magnificence of the van, leaving onlookers awe-struck and speechless.

After our triumphant deer-hunting expedition, during which we vanquished our quarry with unrivaled skill, Nomad, the adventurous soul who had eagerly joined us for the ride, simply couldn't resist the allure of the extraordinary van. With uncontainable excitement, he leaped into the front seat, ready to bask in the splendor of this remarkable creation, as we embarked on our journey back to the trader.

As destiny would have it, Nomad, known for his collection of eccentric vehicles, graciously extended an invitation to experience the wonders of his truck. Oh, what a sight it was! The truck boasted a suspension system that defied the laws of physics, granting us an otherworldly sensation as we traversed the treacherous terrain. Its capacious interior provided ample room for treasures and curiosities alike, ensuring that no loot would be left behind. Nomad piloted the truck along the train tracks with the grace and speed of a mythical steam engine, effortlessly gliding as if the very existence of the tracks was but a figment of a whimsical dream.

Upon our triumphant return to the trader, Nomad, the epitome of extravagance, unveiled his helicopter and Baja, leaving us in a state of stupefaction. The helicopter, a magnificent airborne behemoth, exuded an aura of opulence, with its gleaming metal exterior and thunderous rotors that commanded attention from every corner of the land. And the Baja, oh dear, the Baja! It was a masterpiece of vehicular artistry, a symphony of sleek lines and vibrant colors that evoked a sense of wonder and admiration. Its very presence rendered me spellbound, my heart yearning to experience its boundless power.

A stroke of fortune befell me as Nomad, ever perceptive, noticed my intense fascination with the Baja. With a twinkle in his eye, he extended an invitation for two of us to embark on a ride, an offer too tantalizing to resist. Yet, in the face of such automotive grandeur, I dared not challenge its glory and opted for the humble sanctuary of the back seat, fully aware that the Baja possessed a magnetism capable of overwhelming even the most audacious soul. With Sherman at the helm, our journey commenced, propelling us across the field with an exhilarating force that left a mesmerizing trail of smoke, adorning the canvas of the earth with ephemeral strokes of artistic brilliance. Above, Nomad trailed us in his resplendent helicopter, his presence an ethereal guardian overseeing our extraordinary voyage.

As we transcended the boundaries of the mundane, we dared to defy convention and leaped over a fence, a grandiose display of the Baja's unwavering excellence. Broken Soldier, consumed by an insatiable desire to control this automotive masterpiece, assumed the driver's seat, embracing the power and grace imbued within every inch of the vehicle. Meanwhile, I found solace in the helicopter's embrace, observing from above as the awe-inspiring Baja conquered the land with an indomitable spirit, leaving spectators awestruck and agape.

#-10 Karma Chapter 1 "Karma" 

Yesterday my BMW bike suddenly spluttered to a halt. I checked it, and damn, the battery was flat. The sound of a large zombie horde moaned in the distance, getting closer. I grabbed my radio and scanned through the frequencies. It seemed as if the airwaves were as dead as the approaching horde. But then, I tuned into 99.7hz and heard a distress signal. "I'm at the black market, help! Oh my God, help!" A scream and the roar of a bear filled the air before it went dead. Another voice came through, "Did you say black market, over? Are you there, over? Shit. Looks like we lost him. I heard a bear!" Gunshots echoed through the radio, along with the cries of a bear. "This is Black Market. Poor bastard lost his arm, and..." and then silence. I spoke into the radio, "Can anyone help me? My battery died." To my surprise, three people responded, but two of them were too far away. "I'll come in my heli," said Goose

The zombie horde was almost upon me, their putrid flesh filling the air. In the distance, I heard the sound of a helicopter. I fought off the occasional straggling zombie as it landed, and Goose dispatched one that was creeping up behind me. He handed me a battery! I marveled at his Marine Chinook helicopter, a beautiful beast. It could seat 25 people in the back. The radio came to life with more requests for help, and he bid his farewell as he hopped back into the helicopter, off on another mission of mercy. What a guy. I made my way to Knakkers Yard and bought a car that another survivor had dropped off at Hunter Trader.

With some deer meat in tow, I headed to the Hunter Trader and came across a guy with his... well, I couldn't even find words to describe that beautiful vehicle. It was a behemoth, but he managed to get it stuck on a fence and couldn't free himself. I offered to use my newly purchased car from the Hunter Trader to help him. I rammed the back of his vehicle, and he came unstuck! He thanked me, and I brushed it off as nothing. He thanked me again, and we went our separate ways.

Later that day, while taking my bike to Krona Trader to sell it to another survivor for 60k, I found myself stuck on a fence. I radioed for help, and to my surprise, an immediate response came through. Fate had it that he was nearby and drove to me, bumping me back onto the path to Krona.

This morning, after enjoying some tactical bacon, I heard the crackle of the radio coming to life. "Rookie here checking in Anyone got a sledgehammer for sale?" I glanced at my collection of tools and thought, "For sale? I have like five of these." I got on the radio and told the survivor that if he could come to my base, I would gift him a sledgehammer. I provided him with the coordinates, and he arrived on his bike. He insisted on giving me some money for the sledgehammer, and I could tell he would be offended if I refused. I offered him a selection of tools, but he declined, stating that the sledgehammer was all he needed. With a wave, Rookie rode off.

I decided I would make a visit the North West Airfield and see if any of the military buildings held any treasures. I loaded up my minigun and hit the road. Just then, the radio crackled to life once more. "This is Panda. Can anyone give me a nudge? I'm stuck." A strange feeling came over me. It felt like Karma. "I can pay," Panda stated. He offered an exorbitant amount of money to get his vehicle unstuck. The past few days have shown me that we need to help each other, and there are many willing to do so. "You don't have to pay a thing," I said, and I set off to the coordinates Panda provided.

When I freed Panda's vehicle, he insisted I take a Pokémon booster pack from him. I bid him farewell and resumed my journey. A Pokémon card? What the hell? He was so insistent that it held great importance. He looked as if he hadn't eaten for days when a survivor finally brings him food at the Kumy Trader. I glanced at the Pokémon booster pack on my dashboard. It said "Pack of 3," and I couldn't help but giggle. The writing was so small that one could barely tell it was a 3. I got on the radio and joked, "Hey Panda, this is a pack of 3. Don't you want 2 back?" The radio crackled with multiple people screaming to buy the card from me of which astonished me. "Hold your horses folks, I'm off to the airfield" I stated.

Suddenly, the radio went eerily silent. A calm voice came through, "Airfield? Are you pre—" and then the radio died. Another dead battery. Karma? As I caught sight of the air traffic control tower on the horizon, I headed towards the airfield.....

#-11 Karma Chapter 2 "Frocco's Diary Exceprt"

Taken from "Cherno 994" The Writings Of Frocco994

I tried desperately to warn the survivor about the bombings of the airfields on the radio, but he wasn't responding. I put on my NBC gear and boarded my helicopter, hoping it wasn't too late. As I approached the airfield, I witnessed jets flying by and releasing their payload of disease gas onto the area. I had hoped he hadn't arrived yet. Amidst the green mist, I saw him running and shooting at zombies. He managed to get into his car and drive out of the gas. I witnessed him collapse to the floor, and I was certain he was dead. I landed the helicopter in the nearest field, and then I heard the car starting again. He was alive? How was that possible? Did he have the antidote? But why would he go there if he knew? I followed the survivor in my helicopter and watched as he parked his car outside an old house in Vavilovo. He went inside. Could he really be alive? I tried contacting him on the radio, but there was no response.

#-12 Karma Chapter 3 " Rescue?? "

In the house that preceded my current predicament, I stumbled upon a precious discovery – a bag of blood, perfectly matching my blood type. Without a moment's hesitation, I desperately used an IV kit to infuse myself with its life-giving essence. The rejuvenating effects were only fleeting, but it was enough to summon the strength to venture towards a nearby town, my body swaying with each uncertain step.

Alas, my journey was short-lived as I succumbed once more, collapsing in a delirious haze. Consciousness became an elusive friend, constantly slipping through my grasp. As I lay there, battered and weak, vivid visions danced before my eyes – me wielding a mighty mini-gun, heroically fending off relentless hordes of ravenous zombies.

In a fleeting moment of clarity, I managed to fumble with the radio, a beacon of hope in my dire situation. A voice resonated through the static, belonging to a mysterious Danish man who went by the name of Frocco. My words trembled as I revealed the severity of my condition – blood loss draining the color from the once-blue sky above me.

Despite the fading vision and weakening grip on reality, I clung to my last ounces of coherence, desperately relaying my location to Frocco before plunging back into a nightmarish delirium. Consciousness slipped away, and I felt myself drifting into the abyss. Was this to be my final chapter, my last stand against the relentless tides of fate?

In the distance, a faint, almost ethereal sound reached my ears – the unmistakable hum of a helicopter. My eyes fluttered open, and there before me stood a figure shrouded in black. His commanding presence instilled both awe and fear within me. With a voice as enigmatic as his appearance, he inquired about my well-being.

As the world around me blurred, I closed my eyes, unsure of what awaited me in this desolate landscape. The echoes of the question lingered in the air, "How are you doing?" My lips quivered, but the words didn't escape. The unknown fate beckoned, and I surrendered to the darkness once more.

#-13 "Fiona"

Oh, the events that have unfolded since my miraculous rescue by Frocco from the jaws of certain death! My recovery has kept me occupied, leaving little time for writing in this diary. The house where I stumbled upon the life-saving type O positive blood bag had a dark history. Frocco revealed that it had long been abandoned due to the deranged man who once inhabited it. Fear of his violent ways kept everyone at bay. Nonetheless, we visited the forsaken dwelling, and it was evident that no soul had set foot inside for quite some time. Taking ownership, I made it my sanctuary, finding solace within its walls.

Then, one day, the radio crackled to life, and a woman's voice resonated through the airwaves, declaring, "Fiona's is open for business." Fiona, a mythical figure in Chernarus, was known far and wide for her incredible abilities. Tales of her prowess circulated like wildfire. Some spoke of her remarkable feats, like moving a car stuck on a fence in Berezino with her bare hands and then swiftly trading Pokemon cards in Lopatino merely minutes later. She had a reputation for kindness, helping strangers in ways that seemed almost superhuman. But there were those who, for reasons I couldn't comprehend, dubbed her "superbitch." Yet, the numerous stories of her selfless aid, appearing out of thin air like magic, seemed to contradict such a label.

Again, the radio buzzed to life, this time with a man's voice identified as Hyper. He warned that Fiona's store wouldn't remain open for long. Determined to experience this enigmatic woman's presence myself, I set out to find her store near Krona.

Surprisingly, I arrived at Fiona's walled-off compound with ample time to spare. A bold sign welcomed me: "Fiona's Barter Trader." Curiosity engulfed me as I entered, where I found Hyper and Fiona deeply engrossed in business matters. Another survivor, Lunar Paradox, shared my eagerness to explore the store and acquire the rare "Weapon Charms," rumored to grant confidence in handling even the most challenging machine guns.

Fiona's warmth and politeness struck me instantly. She offered a personal tour of her store, graciously allowing me behind the counter to witness where the magic of trade unfolded—an extraordinary privilege indeed.

Beyond the store, an unexpected sight awaited – a boxing ring, where Fiona hosted unique boxing events. Here's the twist – the participants had to be intoxicated, making it a lighthearted and fun affair. Fiona generously rewarded them with items from her store for their spirited efforts.

I couldn't resist purchasing one of her coveted charms, and we engaged in profound conversations about survival and trading amidst the harsh apocalypse. In a generous gesture, Fiona gifted me rare clothing, solidifying my belief in her true nature – a wonderful, helpful woman who defied the misguided label of "superbitch."

The encounter with Fiona was nothing short of magical, leaving me with newfound hope and admiration for this enigmatic figure who thrived in the desolate landscape of DayZ.

#-14 Maj 

Much has changed since I established a permanent home just outside of Vavilovo. Thanks to Frocco's invaluable help and advice, I have managed to carve a niche as a moderately wealthy trader in Chernaurs. While I'm far from being rich, I still traverse the roads in my trusty, albeit rusty, van. Nevertheless, my trading endeavors have been fruitful enough to afford me a comfortable living, allowing me to pursue a noble cause – the creation of a food bank.

One fateful night, inspiration struck me like a bolt from the heavens, prompting me to initiate the food bank. The air was eerily still, punctuated by the occasional moans of zombies and distant gunshots. The radio remained silent, and I found solace in cleaning my HK417. Then, I heard it – stumbling footsteps outside the house. A female voice pierced the silence, asking if anyone was inside. "Just a second," I called out, setting my HK417 on the gun rack.

The woman explained that she was starving and desperately seeking food. I quickly gathered some stew, chips, and cans of Pipsi, offering them to her. Maj, as she introduced herself, ate with grace and gratitude. We sat together on the doorstep, sharing food and conversation. It had been quite some time since I had the pleasure of company, and I relished the opportunity to connect with another survivor in this desolate world.

As we indulged in conversation, Maj and I reminisced about simpler times when we took our carefree lives for granted. We chuckled at the notion of the magical bedroom during the house tour, finding laughter a rare and precious commodity in these trying times. The tour served as a beacon of hope, reminding us that despite the harshness of our reality, there remains a glimmer of joy and camaraderie to look forward to in the future.

Moved by our encounter, I felt a renewed sense of purpose in providing for those in need. The food bank became more than just a place for sustenance; it became a space where survivors could come together, sharing tales and forming connections amidst the darkness that enveloped us. In these times of scarcity and uncertainty, I took pride in being able to offer something meaningful to my fellow survivors, a small token of hope and resilience in the face of adversity.

#-15 Jills Fish Shack

Frocco and Prav frequently rendezvous on the beach at the Fish Shack for their secretive trading discussions. I found myself growing bored with their business talks, but then, in the distance, a striking figure adorned in vibrant colors was cooking by the shack. Could it be her? Finally, the opportunity to meet the infamous Jill had presented itself. As it turned out, it was indeed Jill, and she humbly downplayed her notoriety with a sly smile.

Approaching Jill, I introduced myself and couldn't help but ask, "So, you're the infamous Jill then?" She acknowledged her identity but brushed off the "infamous" part playfully. We engaged in conversation about the community and how remarkable it was. Jill shared her incredible journey with the Fish Shack, a dream made real thanks to the support of the Archon team. Here, she tirelessly served weary travelers with freshly caught and expertly cooked fish, turning it into culinary masterpieces worthy of a Michelin star (although rumors spoke of an excellent stew store in the north).

Offering my assistance, I discovered Jill's ongoing need for Tarp, a commodity I had previously discarded without realizing its significance to her. She shared a heartbreaking tale of unscrupulous individuals stealing her hard-earned fish and tearing down her tarp shelter, leaving her devastated. My heart swelled with determination, and I vowed to personally escort any such malicious soul out of Chernarus, assuring Jill that their petty actions could never sway the grand scale of kindness radiating from her heart.

Jill explained how visitors of her Fish Shack often returned with generous donations to her collection barrels, a testament to the profound impact she had on the survivors. Accepting her kind offer, I took a tour of the Fish Shack and marveled at Jill's accomplishments in running the store. Seeking her guidance on fishing, she graciously imparted her knowledge and expertise. In a heartfelt gesture, Jill presented me with a special fish knife, guaranteed to extract more filets from fish than usual, and she even gifted me sharpening stones to ensure its longevity.

As the tour drew to a close, we admired the wildlife drawn to this gentle woman's presence. Observing Frocco and Prav conducting their trades on the beach nearby, Jill expressed her approval of such exchanges, recognizing the way of the world in this post-apocalyptic setting. She revealed that Prav was one of her top contributors to the Fish Shack, granting him the privilege to conduct business in her designated area on the beach.

Before parting ways, I noticed a building with a sign declaring it to be the "Minnow Bucket," and my curiosity got the best of me. Jill hesitated but eventually shared her private spot with me. Inside the building, I found a treasure trove of beautifully displayed fishing-related supplies, artfully stacked and organized. In the corner, a mysterious treasure chest beckoned, filled with secrets too significant to share as part of this tale.

Jill fondly reminisced about her dear friend Wicked, who co-inhabited the Fish Shack. Frocco soon joined us, having concluded his dealings with Prav. I introduced him to Jill, urging him to appreciate the beauty of the Fish Jacket and her Jill bag, a creation attributed to Fiona. Memories of the tour of Fiona's store briefly crossed my mind, a testament to the interconnectedness of the survivor community.

As we prepared to depart, boarding the Black Hawk heli, I reflected on the greatness of this community. Despite the occasional tarp stealers, the thriving trading community served as a beacon of hope and cooperation in this harsh world. We bid farewell to Jill, who waved from her shack, promising to return with any tarp we could find. Jill's warmth and hospitality had undoubtedly made a friend in me, and I assured Frocco that he would feel the same.

As we soared through the skies, I couldn't help but feel grateful for the exceptional individuals I had encountered – people like Jill and her Fish Shack, who exemplified the resilience and compassion that defined the survivors in Chernarus. The bonds formed in these dire circumstances showed that even amidst the chaos, the human spirit could endure, united by acts of kindness and selflessness.

#16- Black Market

It's been a while since I had the time to write regarding my survival here in Chernarus. So much has happened. "The Great Wipe" was whispered about for weeks among certain survivors huddled around the flickering campfire at Kumy, the last vestige of warmth in this desolate world. When I approached them and asked about the wipe, they laughed and said it was a ghost story, rumors of attacks from a sinister terrorist organization that haunted the remnants of our once-thriving land. "But the gas bombs are real," I exclaimed, my words carrying the weight of our harsh reality. An eerie silence descended upon the campfire, and they all looked at their tattered boots. I sighed; it seems people don't want to talk about the gas bombs that heralded our doom. A man wearing a witch's hat rose from the fire's fading glow and fixed me with a stern gaze, gesturing for me to leave the fire's dwindling warmth. He pointed to his rusted truck and invited me to join him for a kvas. As we shared a drink, he reluctantly shared what he knew. For the purposes of this story, we will refer to him as "The Geezer."

I learned the tale from The Geezer, a weathered survivor who had witnessed the fall of the Green Mountain trader and their desperate flight to Krona Castle, the last bastion of hope in our decaying world. Those behind the devastating attack were known as "The Black Market," a terrorist organization that cast a shadow over our very existence here in the unforgiving wastelands of Chernarus. They were the architects of our destruction.

I looked at The Geezer in astonishment as he recounted this grim tale. I asked about the campfire. "They are survivors," he said, his voice filled with resignation. "These people, they observe from afar, knowing their place, adhering to the merciless rules dictated by the Black Market." The Geezer seemed to ponder a question as he scrutinized my anxious expression.

"I realize that, like many others, you are not a native of Chernarus," The Geezer stated, his eyes reflecting the desolation that surrounded us. Suddenly, he became gravely serious. "You have transgressed the rules," he said, his words echoing like a dire prophecy. A long, uncomfortable silence followed.

Geezer slammed his fist against the wheel, a metallic thud resonating in the barren landscape. "You're not the only one," he admitted, a flicker of regret in his eyes. "But I understand that you were unaware of the Black Market's stringent rules. We dare not tread into the forsaken military zones, for they hold the power to unleash more devastation upon us. But the wipe has already occurred. Have you not ventured back to the northwest?"

"Why?" I asked, my voice barely a whisper.

"I've just returned from there," The Geezer replied, his gaze heavy with sorrow. "Your home is naught but rubble and ash, erased from the land. Because of your actions and those of other survivors who, like you, dared to defy the Black Market's edicts, your account with the traders has been obliterated."

I couldn't meet his gaze. The weight of guilt settled upon me. The wipe had taken everything from us, and now, due to my recklessness, others would bear the burden as well.

"Don't look at me like that," The Geezer implored. "The wipe has touched us all. Those gathered around the fire, they have yet to realize the magnitude of our loss. Our fragile economy teeters on the brink because of individuals like yourself."

"Because of your actions," he continued, "you are now enlisted in a perilous mission. You will rendezvous with a team at these coordinates, and together, you will venture into the heart of the Black Market's domain. It's a good thing you are accustomed to wearing that NBC gear; you will need it."

"Now, get out of my battered car," he concluded, his voice carrying a sense of resignation.

I journeyed to the southwest of Chernarus, the landscape scarred by the aftermath of The Great Wipe. As I reached the designated coordinates, the team awaited me—a motley crew of survivors with names like Smokey, Nomad, and MethodMan. MethodMan, despite being sickened by the toxic gas cloud that lay ahead, displayed an uncanny resilience, a testament to the horrors he had already endured. With our gas masks tightly secured, we braved the path towards the looming miasma.

The things we encountered outside the entrance to the Black Market's lair were too ghastly to put into words.

Inside, we navigated the labyrinthine tunnels with train tracks, descending deeper into the abyss. Anxiety gnawed at me as the gas canister's diminishing supply became a constant reminder of our vulnerability. Smokey led the way, myself in the middle, and Nomad illuminated our treacherous path. Finally, we stood before the Black Market trader, clad in the same ominous NBC gear that had become a symbol of our oppression.

The trader delivered an ominous message, a chilling ultimatum that echoed through the grim caverns: "Spread the word that we seek bricks of cannabis, and we will compensate. Should no one comply, Krona Castle will share Green Mountain's fate. The relentless bombing of military zones shall continue, and this stands as your final warning. Stay away, or the truce shall be shattered."

What had I done? My actions had bound the people of Chernarus to an unholy pact with the Black Market, a pact marked by terror and submission. Those who ventured here with their precious goods would face the same horrors we confronted. I feared that some would not emerge from the darkness alive, their goods forfeit to the merciless Black Market.

What had I done?

Perhaps, amidst the ruins and despair, a glimmer of hope remained. If we could unite, if only the strongest dared to tread this nightmarish path, we might yet maintain a fragile truce. The honest, hardworking survivors need not face the unspeakable horrors that had become our reality. Perhaps.